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Don’t just take my word for it. Here are some very kind words of support from a few terrific folks I’ve worked with.

LISA KITTREDGE LinkedIn for Tim  As some know, Mike Kittredge suffered a severe stroke in late 2012 which has profoundly affected his ability to speak. His wife Lisa Kittredge and I have collaborated on many events and marketing projects in recent years, including the launch of a new not-for-profit entity. In the bigger picture, she was able to observe much of my career as a co-worker at Yankee Candle, then later for her husband and most recently also with Kringle Candle. (Please click text link above to download letter)

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STEVE WILLIAMS LinkedIn for Tim  Steve Williams was my primary supervisor during Yankee Candle’s big buildup in the 90’s. He offers a strong rundown on many of the Yankee-related projects and promotional/marketing/branding campaigns I worked on there. He also continues to serve as a part-time wholesale operations consultant to Kringle Candle and is familiar with my role in the launch and operations of that company plus its affiliate restaurant/brand, The Farm Table.(Please click text link above to download letter)

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EMILY RICH LinkedIn for Tim  Emily and her husband Oliver are the owners of Tea Guys. Initially we knew them as friendly neighbors on our street, but when we started talking about their business dreams, the conversation changed fast. They sought my advice and we ended up collaborating on everything from a total company re-branding to a full revamping of their marketing vision to a physical uprooting of the business allowing them to include brick-and-mortar retailing. (Please click text link above to download letter)

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JOHN HENTZ Tim O’Brien recommendation letter  A gifted graphic designer, John Hentz has been my most frequent (and favorite) collaborative partner. This portfolio is filled with his work, and whether or not this stuff convinces you about any of MY abilities, I certainly hope it demonstrates what a wonderful, flexible and talented designer John is. Because dammit, he is. (Please click text link above to download letter)

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MICHELE GOLDBERG LinkedIn for Tim   Michele Brittelli Goldberg and I – along with her boss GSCVB President Mary Kay Wydra – have worked together on many marketing and communications projects for the Greater Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau. As a Springfield native and lifelong Pioneer Valley resident, I’m passionate about that agency’s outstanding work to improve the fabric of our regional life. (Please click text link above to download letter)

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