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Web content, Social Media, Email marketing? Yup, I do that too. Oh, and I built this site myself. So, add WordPress!

Client: Kringle Candle Company

candlepower_july2013 “Candlepower July 2013″ B2B E-newsletter campaign – We created Candlepower to boost Customer Success outcomes, by helping Kringle Candle speak directly to its many thousands of B2B reseller partners each month. With our signature easygoing prose style, we’d provide strategic branding messages and right-now selling tactics plus updates on special promotions and deals. (Click on link above for zoom view)

Client: Kringle Candle Company (Kringle Candle Web content) Launching a new candle brand in a highly-competitive landscape would be partially dependent on concise, effective storytelling that would arouse curiosity, earn trust and lead to sales. This piece was designed to accomplish that and also boost SEO. Much of the deeper content still visible on the whole current KCC site came from my keyboard; this is among my favorites.

KCC Logo

Client: Tea Guys

(Tea Guys Web content) It’s kind of the same story here. When Tea Guys made the decision to entirely re-brand their company and product line, tons of Web-optimized copy was required to populate their online presence. Virtually all of the content on the Tea Guys website represents my work; these three pages are some nice examples. In fact, the tagline “Flavor First” was mine, too.

TeaGuys logo

Client: Kringle Candle Company

“Mick’s Picks” (Kringle Candle Facebook campaign) A slightly tongue-in-cheek Facebook campaign poking very gentle fun at Oprah’s “My Favorite Things” list of holiday gift ideas. This was part of a series that sold a ton of non-candle product. We posted hundreds of such items annually and rapidly grew Likes to well over 100,000 in the first year. Facebook’s special ability to impact both B2B and B2C outcomes boosted online sales, retail foot traffic, brand awareness and partner reseller success stories, too.

Mick's Picks

Client: Tea Guys

Tea Guys “Meet our Fans” (Facebook Campaign) When Tea Guys relocated from Hatfield MA to neighboring Whately, the new building permitted the company to have a proper retail store and tasting room. An ongoing Facebook campaign I created featured customers, creating vigorous micro-virality as their friends (and their friends’ friends)  got the Tea Guys message.

Smiling Matt at Tea guys