Love it or hate it, PowerPoint remains the most widely-used presentation application. Here are a few of the many “PPT” shows I’ve created for different presentation approaches.


MIKE SPEECH PP Biz Expo 1  (“From Yankee Candle to Kringle Candle” – PowerPoint presentation) Mike Kittredge was a popular guest speaker, and when he helped his son launch Kringle Candle in 2010, the phone range even more. He requested a very straightforward presentation to support his occasionally-unstructured talks, where he could skip forward or back easily if the topic took a turn. This fairly bare-bones collection of still images featured a suggested talking point for Mike to work from in almost every slide, and gave him the desired freedom and flexibility. (Click on text link above to open PPT)

Mike dips.jpg


FARM TABLE Chef Brent Talk (“Introducing the Farm Table” – PowerPoint Presentation) Launching a higher-end restaurant in northern Franklin County required a bold approach. Mike and Mick Kittredge brought in Chef Brent Menke, who they’d known from private yachting, to be their inaugural visionary. Brent sought a presentation that offered the versatility to educate new hires, the media, wedding planners, elected officials and more, all with a signature white, clean look. (Click on text link above to open PPT)

Chef Brent


CX PowerPoint for Bay Path   (“Discover CircleXchange” – PowerPoint Presentation) Entrepreneur Helaine Fischer needed a graphic approach to the “CX” concept. Her central business idea was that women’s unique way of connecting in guided group conversations could be scaled and made available for self-discovery. This presentation was specifically designed to support her talk before attendees of Bay Path University’s Annual Women’s Leadership Conference. (Click on text link above to open PPT)