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Digital increasingly rules, but print advertising can still offer precise targeting and powerful impact. Here’s a mini-gallery of promotional approaches I helped create for strategic print applications in the B2B and B2C arenas.


(Kringle Candle “Dealer Acquisition” Series) Trade publications can play a vital role in developing B2B partnerships. In the giftware industry Gifts and Decorative Accessories is the 300 pound gorilla. Kringle Candle used “Gift & Dec” to create awareness and maintain visibility among existing and potential partners with full page print advertisements like these.

KCC Gifts and Dec November 2010

KCC Gifts and Dec December 2010

Gifts and Dec. ad New

KCC Wholesale Gifts and Dec June 2013

KCC Dallas Source 


KCC Farm Table May Preview Ad  (Kringle Candle “Seasonal Abundance” Print Ad)  This copy and visual combination sought to drive home the quality of the establishment while continuing to capitalize on the iconic face of Executive Chef Brent Menke. (Click on text link above to view larger version)


FTR Abundance




(Greater Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau/Western Mass Sports Commission “We’re Game” positioning ad series) These display ads appeared in publications aimed at planners of sporting events. I created the “We’re Game” tagline to align the region with the needs of tournament directors seeking new venues for their events. To date, the campaign has helped bring several new athletic competitions into the Greater Springfield service area, representing hundreds of thousands of dollars in economic impact. (Click on text link above to view ads)


(Kringle Candle/Farm Table “B2C Billboards” series) Out-of-home advertising is one of the fastest ways to boost brand awareness among consumers. We posted designs such as these in strategic locations along I-91 in greater Springfield MA to ensure that area residents and visitors alike had a continual reminder of the Kringle and Farm Table brands. In polls conducted with customers, the billboards consistently ranked prominently among our most effective media.

kcc-14x44-first-visit1 billboard


kcc-14x44-cozy-campus1 billboard

FTR Billboard Chicopee Curve

KCC 14x44 Billboard Chicopee Curve